Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Note of gratitude from Paul Blaney . . .

Dear Glide Ray of Hope Team,

I have been following your Blog postings and have been meaning to write to you. However, I am at a loss for proper words to describe how much I admire the mission work you’re doing. As a Manager of Volunteer Service, I’m pleasantly astounded by such authentic outpourings of support, care, and concern for those-in-need, regardless of how far across the globe these souls may dwell. The human heart is always growing, as evidenced by your dedication to serve, learn, love, and listen. The abject poverty you describe is overwhelming, for no matter how challenging my American life may seem, I am fortunate. I am also fortunate to know people like you. Please know we miss you and we look forward to hearing your stories about the new relationships you forged in Kenya. You are an inspiration to us all.

Safe Home!
Warm regards,
Paul Blaney

Manager - Volunteer Program


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