Friday, March 7, 2014

RAY OF HOPE TRIP 2014: Jambo, Kenya!

2014 Ray of Hope Team: Kirsti Tcherkoyan
and Pastor Karen Oliveto
Finally, after two days of travel, we have arrived safe and sound at the Methodist Guest House. This year our flight itinerary had an 18 hour layover in Zurich. We both felt it was actually a good thing to break up the trip: having the longer layover gave us time to get exercise in the sun and also deal with jet lag.

Our flight to Nairobi arrived at around 7:30pm. We didn't leave the airport until nearly 9pm because one of our bags did not arrive. As previous teams know, each team member limits personal items to just carry on luggage, so that we can check two bags each containing supplies for Ray of Hope (each bag weighing 50 pounds!). So the missing bag contains supplies, which hopefully will arrive to the Guest House tomorrow.

We received a warm welcome from the reception clerk, Timothy, who remembered us from previous Glide trips. The entire staff here are very helpful and friendly. They had us in our rooms in no time.

A room at the Methodist Guest House
Tomorrow, we will be going to Little Ray of Hope to be reunited with our Kenyan friends! And joining us on Saturday or Sunday will be Glide member and former Ray of Hope teammate Josh Biddle, who is in Kenya for part of his medical training!

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