Monday, June 1, 2009

More about our work - June 1


This is the last day of the beginning of something very special. Today the group went to an orphanage I stayed behind to continue healing; everyone was so overwhelmed that even I could feel the sadness and the emotion they felt.

We then went to downtown Nairobi and watched the aftermath of the Independence Day celebration. We meet with Dennis Heresey, who is in Nairobi visiting with a friend, showed him down town and had a meal with him.

The evening was spent with old friends from Ray Of Hope and new friends from a ministry not unlike ours, fighting for the rights of all people. I think we have made some lasting friendships with our visit here and perhaps some day in the not so distant future we can have them Visit with us at Glide and tell their very touching stories of survival.

See all of you Sunday.


Today, I took a mental and physical health day, as I developed a little cough. I made a quick visit to Ray of Hope to drop of some medicine, and get my tempeture taken. Rosemay and Florence took care of me (my tempature was in the normal range....I felt hot because it’s hot in the sun, and I did get a little burn on Saturday at the park with the kids). The afternoon was spent having lunch downtown with a Travis (he’s feeling better, yeah!!!), Craig, Mark, and Dennis Hershey who meet up with our group today.

The evening was marked by the making of two new friends that I connected with. My heart has opened to them as well! They are a gay couple living in Kenya, but they must live their lives underground or risk arrest or worse in this county. One of them is HIV+ positive as well.

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