Monday, June 1, 2009

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Today was another powerful day. We experienced a welcome dance and inspiring play by the women who are clients of Ray of Hope. The song was about friends, one lady fell to the ground, rolling around crying for help, waiting to see who came to her aid. What a powerful meaning friendship has in this community. We were then introduced to a group of women and men who have been empowered by a micro financing (they have borrowed money and paid it back with interest, allowing them to start a business) they sell fabrics, food items, jewelry and assorted items on the streets of Kawangware.

Our next adventure took us several miles into the slums through mud and unusual sights and smells where locals sold to locals, traffic jams of matatus and people.

That night Florence (better known as COCO) invited us to celebrate her birthday in an authentic African celebration with legs of Goat carven at the table and a large assortment of other foods all eaten by hand. Coco told us this was to officially make us part of their family in Kenya.


Saturday was the day all the children were looking forward to. They didn’t know what was going to happen but the new it was big…
We all boarded a bus and went to Visit the Kenyan National Museum. The children were so wildly excited (but well behaved) many of them never venturing out of the slums. After an hour or so of education it was time for play. We went to a local park and found the Kenyan Air Force, Army and navy practicing for a parade the takes place on Monday (Kenyan’s Independence Day). We were all very excited to see the perfection in their drills.
The children played, and played and played. We then took a moment to share a very small meal. (Steve provided some power bars and we purchased sodas. Back on the bus and through the maze of traffic jams delivering the children back at ROH.


I can only chronicle my journey for that day. I went to bed feeling a little under the weather on Sat. night and as the day progressed I felt even worse. In the mid afternoon I found I was having trouble breathing and God gave me the presence of mind to gather myself and go down stairs for what I thought was just fresh air. I sat on a ledge in front of Security Guard and the sweat poured from my body. He asked if I was all right, I said I need help and that’s the last thing I remember for what I’m told several minutes. I came to on the lawn with several people elevating my legs (I’m thankful the staff has drills for this type of thing). Eventually my group returned and I was taken to the Hospital by the General Manager of the Guest House. I am in a recovery stage, and am blessed that it’s some unknown infection rather than something that could have ended not only my mission trip but my life.

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